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Warid Brings 4G LTE Wifi Wingle Usb Devices

Warid Telecom introduce new 4G LTE broadband wingle device for all warid’s customers in Pakistan. Warid 4G wingle device will provide better access of internet and can connect 10 users at a time. Warid 4G LTE wifi wingle usb device is available in all major covered cities of Pakistan.
The Director of Pricing, Segments & VAS at Warid Telecom, Mr. Asim Ali, commented on the launch of Warid 4G LTE Wingle device and said, “We have all the time aimed at growing our services to go beyond the prospect of our esteemed customers. This has been the case, particularly due to the rising claim for high-speed internet on the go. We expect that the new Wingle device will accomplish our customers’ necessity and raise their expediency.”
features of warid 4g lte wingle

    High internet speed of 4G LTE wingle device up to 150Mbps.
    Coverage in all major cities of Pakistan.
    Support or connect up to 10 users simultaneously.
    Can be controlled via smartphone and functions such as laptop USB port, plugging in a car charger or even directly to a power outlet using an adapter.

Free 4g bundle offer

    Customers can get Double Data Volume for first 3 months on the purchase of new Warid 4G LTE Wingle device.
    For this duration, the data volume for all packages will be doubled.

Wingle Price:

    Warid 4G LTE wingle wifi device original price is 2500 PKR.

Price Plan:

    Customers can select a price plan on per month rate basis that ranges from Rs.1500 to Rs.3000. each plan offers 2 shared connections and options for data usage.

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